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  • Adding Colors to your future

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Why study abroad?

Complete your MBBS degree from the BEST universities in the world.


Aristocrat Education Consulting is a unit of Aristocrat IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. We provide solutions to students who want to pursue a career abroad. Aristocrat Education creates an opportunity for you to experience a world-class education. We serve as a bridge connecting you with your dream campus. Be associated with us and be part of a global educational phenomenon. Our sole purpose is to provide the opportunity, exposure and growth you deserve. Universities with state of the art infrastructure and expert faculty around the globe are now at your reach.

“Spending months preparing for the entrance exam but unfortunately losing your dream by just few points less than the cut off is the worst nightmare. The struggle is real but no one can deprive you off the opportunities you deserve.”

Our partnership with leading universities around the world enables us to help you pursue an outstanding career that will transform your future. We take pleasure in assisting you to access the best education that suits you. We are with you at every step from choosing the University of your Interest to education loan assistance.

Become a doctor abroad !!

I completed my MBBS degree at VSMU, Belarus and was undoubtedly the most amazing and memorable experience of my life.

— Dr.Alex Standall —


Build up your career in medicine from the best universities in the world.

Connect with us and pursue your dream !!


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